Men vs. Women and the Great Money Value Debate


Participating with Barbara Turley of in exploring and dissecting this important topic was a highlight of this past year for me. Women and their relationship with Money is the undercurrent that flows beneath much of what occurs in the business world regarding salary, value, … [Read more...]

Hating Bleach – Authentic Business Success Story


It's a bit unusual - hating bleach - and particularly using that hatred to tell a story about authentic business success. But I was inspired today by a bottle of Clorox - yes - the name brand bleach! About 17 years ago I was at the club where I worked out regularly. The pool was right outside the … [Read more...]

Perspective Gleaned from the Nepal Earthquake


More and more these days I've been personally focused and professionally speaking on the power and even necessity of setting priorities that align with ones core values, in all decisions. By choosing yourself - assessing options without succumbing to the mainstream society paradigm - you open your … [Read more...]

Failure Survival Guide for Entrepreneurs


There is no success without failure. Yet failure tears at our soul, wreaks havoc with our moods, sends us deeply into questioning our worth and validity. Or does it? Entrepreneurs require a failure survival guide, as all success requires failure.   Thomas Edison created  10,000 or so … [Read more...]