deborah_tutnauerI’m Deborah Tutnauer. I am the Question Master!

I help Frustrated Entrepreneurs get Real about Money,Marketing and Meaning. Together we create their Business Foundation and Framework with Clarity and Authenticity

Until you are clear about who you are, you will continue to operate a business that is financially unsustainable.

The reason that you feel paralyzed, ineffectual and stymied in your business is because you are operating from a place of not knowing your own core values and how they form the essence of your business. You are confused about the real message of your unique product or service offer, along with the true needs of your customer.  If you find yourself procrastinating, worried, wasting time or feeling frustrated in your business, I can help.

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When we work together, you will not only know WHO you are and how your values inform your business essence and viability, you will also be able to take each step in your business  authentically and with clarity.  You will also have an exquisitely organized and dynamic blueprint of your financially sustainable and lucrative business that outlines your authentic structure and exactly HOW you should be doing what you do. When we work together, everything you do is in alignment with who you truly are and what you must be doing to let go of confusion around money and make the impact you were meant to make on other.

THIS is your authentic self in business, making impact on others, living your life on purpose.
That’s what we do here.

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Deborah Tutnauer,  Question Master. Entrepreneur Success Coach. Transforming you.

Many who benefit from my services feel as if they are bumping up against an invisible bubble. They know that something is in their way but they are challenged to discern what it is or how to shift.

Through innovative, creative coaching and mentoring,  we  pop open the bubble that is blocking your path.  My guidance will help you become more mindful and aware of what is preventing you from reaching your goals and creating the business that you want. Together we transmute the invisible programs, messages and stories hiding inside into a something new and empowering. Then we use that foundation to structure the framework of your business in a manner which is meaningful, solid and sustainable.

My methods are diverse. They are based in a vast cornucopia of knowledge both empirical and spiritual. I’ve been called an “Architect of Magical  Structure“, for indeed what I show you how to do is to take the essence of your deepest truth and align it with an organized structure for your business success. The outcome is priceless!

Deborah is one of the most positive and energetic people I’ve met in my career. She is an excellent coach and mentor with a wealth of experience. She has been instrumental in my taking a giant step forward in my business model. Her uplifting words of wisdom and encouragement have kept me going through a very challenging time. I would recommend her highly.”

– Rick Binder, Personal Trainer – Entrepreneur. San Diego, CA

Deborah Tutnauer is my best kept secret and the reason for my outstanding success. I honestly gave serious consideration to keeping her all to myself but I realize that would be selfish of me. She has been a phenomenal, Coach, Mentor, and Friend who will be just as passionate about reaching your desired goals, aspirations, and dreams, matching your level of intensity. If you’re lucky they’ll be an opening where she can be that Coach to you. When the opportunity presents itself don’t hesitate, think about it, or procrastinate, just do it and my word is to you that you’ll be glad you did. I’m on my way to millions because of my Coach Deborah Tutnauer. Lastly I’m going to assume that you’re a winner and winners take action. So on that note, I’ll see you at the mountain top.”

– David Jones. Retired Amy Special Forces. Independent Network Marketing Rep.  Atlanta, GA


“I have known Deborah Tutnauer for almost three years, and I have to say that I had no idea when we first met, that it would be a journey of AMAZING growth, challenges, road bumps (self-induced) and positive change. If your desire is to experience TRUE positive growth and self development, then you will receive all of that and more. Be prepared to take a LONG HARD and HONEST look at where you are now, but even more importantly, be prepared to develop into the leader and motivational individual you really want to be. It may be painful at times, but it will be even more gratifying, satisfying and worth every step along the way. Thank you for giving your ALL Deborah. You’ve made a tremendous impact in my life in more ways than you could possibly know. I’m forever grateful that our paths crossed.”

Alecia B.  Network Marketing Independent Distributor. Oakland, CA.


Success is an Inside Job!!
I inspire Entrepreneurs to become a better version of themselves through Transformational Success Coaching including Facilitated Story Work – a program I developed based on 25 years of experience, Ancient-Energetic work and a number of other programs designed to meet clients on their Island of Here and Now in their  life and business and guide them to their Island of Full Potential.

Experience Overview

*Master’s Degree in Education

*Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work

*Licensed as a Clinical Social Worker since 1995

* Executive Consultant and Coach Training with The Global Consulting Partnership 1998

* Online Marketing since 2006

* Published Author  since 2011

* Successful Business Owner and Entrepreneur since 1995


Life Transformation Through Stories Coaching

Inner Game Facilitation

Soul Contract

Human Design

Coaching the Coaches

“What is My Purpose?” process work

Unique Value Proposition discovery.


* Social Media Marketing (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Article Marketing, Blogging, Forums)

*Web Specialist with an emphasis on Attraction Marketing Methods utilizing Social Media Marketing for coaches and other small business

*Personal Goals include the freedom to do good in the world.  This  comes from having the time, energy and finances to devote.

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