Look Who’s Talking!


How do you get noticed as a leader in your field? There are many types of entrepreneurs, and many opportunities to share your expertise and area of influence and be recognized for thought leadership in your field. The key is not getting stuck in the perception of one type of message delivery. It is … [Read more...]

Four Myths About Coaching Plus One More


Four Myths About Coaching Plus One More was written by my friend David Frank Gomes. I found this article so powerful that with David's permission I have reprinted it here. (Access the original on LinkedIn Pulse) MYTH: Coaching is about peak performance, goals and problem solving Reality: I … [Read more...]

Rant! Integrity Money Selling


I got to rant the other day about Integrity and Money in the selling of services and products. Money is a loaded topic that I'll be talking about on the Fearlessly Questioning Podcast . In preparation for that event I did a rant and zeroed in on the selling process, particularly of coaching … [Read more...]

Can I Afford a Business Coach


I just love answering a question with a question. Can you afford NOT to hire a Business Coach? Are you willing to risk missing important aspects of your marketing, business structure, communication flow, financial organization, sales messaging and more? Un-savvy entrepreneurs perceive a business … [Read more...]

Grateful Beginning to 2015

deborah tutnauer headshot 2014 small

Best to begin and end and begin again with gratefulness. I began this article a few weeks ago, timing it for completion during the holiday season. As I wrote it my heart kept swelling. Each moment of grateful expression of a new person who touched me this year, begot another person and so it … [Read more...]

Entrepreneur Advice – Keep Your Home Fire Burning


Entrepreneur Advice: Keep Your Home Fire Burning for Frosty Mornings. You never know what's coming next - positive or negative - but if you tend your hearth well you will be warm and prepared in life and in entrepreneurship. I heat my home with wood and sun. Propane is the backup but my preference … [Read more...]