Success Coaching Through Stories – Live Workshop 1


 Why  Your Story Matters?

Video Workshop is about to begin

We suggest you grab a notebook and a pen and turn off your phone!!

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  •  “Looking forward to changing my filter and having it work a bit better into the life I’m working on living.” Rick B.
  • “Today’s day 1 of “Why stories matter” was eye-opening for me. My story needs to shift. Every single experience that I have, I experience through a filter.I cannot NOT experience through my filter. WOW !!! I shall pay attention to repetitive phrases. Most deserving of Life by my design, my choice…shine the light on my recording. Thank you , powerfully conscious take away. can’t wait til tomorrow.” -Jackie S.
  • Great information Deborah. Very timely for me also as I have grown tired of my negative self-talk and want to change. I am looking forward to writing down my stories and I Am statements. Thank you for the homework.” – Carole B.



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