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Imagine how you would feel, unencumbered by
the life baggage blocking your energy?
What what it be like to feel positive about
your present and your future, every day?
Taste the pride you would feel as become a
better version of yourself – making a difference
for others while expanding your clarity and options.
This is what the Life Transformation Through Stories Workshop will do for you.
You’ve already experienced Workshop one
and hopefully you’ve completed the growth work
given at the end of the session.
If not, go back – review and complete.
That work forms the foundation for the
next three workshops that you will access
here today.
Workshop Two focuses on How Change Happens.
In this session you will discover:
  •     Awareness of negative self talk
  •     Realizing we always see life through a filter
  •     Decision that it’s internal – that blocking the shift
  •     Why nothing shifts without awareness first
  •     Pattern Interruptus Technique
  •     How Change happens
  •     People form habits and habits form people and futures
  •     90 days to solidification of new unconsciously competent habits
Workshop Three is about Shining a Light on
your story. In this session we will use
your growth work given at the end of Workshop Two,
 to illuminate:
  • What is one of your prominent stories?
  • What is the message you give yourself in that story?
  • Where did you hear that message?
  • There will be more very important pieces which will shed light on the very essense of your FILTER
  • You will create a facilitated defining list
  • Leading to the most powerful piece of Growth Work in the series.
Workshop Four Creates the SHIFT:
  • Pulls together all the pieces into a final working document
  • You will be different than you were a week before
  • More clear
  • More open
  • A better version of yourself
  • You’ll have a map to reuse again and again
  • You’ll have a tool to create more clarity and transformation leading to more success in your life!

I hope you are as excited about this outline as I am!

When I do this work privately with clients I charge $200 PER session. In live group workshop sessions the cost is $297 for the 4 part experience.

I wanted everyone to have access to this transformational journey regardless of your present financial situation.

I believe strongly that success is an inside job. This means that your financial success is  going to occur as you shift your beliefs about yourself, your skills, money, opportunity and more.

We all have the right to access this life changing way of thinking and processing.

In fact, I feel so strongly that true change in your life is an important building block to ultimate true beneficial change for humanity, that I am practically giving away this Workshop Series

My personal mission is to create shift not only in you, but in the world. Each small change that inspires one person is like a stone in a pond, creating infinite ripples out into the world. Truly

For only $27 you’ll receive all three workshops explained above. These are live workshopsn recorded specifically to be offered to you in this way.

Each is about 25 minutes long and also gives you  important growth work after each session.In addition, you will have email access to me while you go through the workshops, just in case any questions arise from the content or the personal growth work.

I believe with all my heart that those who take action on their own personal story transformation will be those who go on to take bigger action, effectively benefiting themselves and those they love.

Click the Buy Button below right now to receiveall three workshops – 90 minutes of live Life Transformation Education – delivered to your inbox over the next 4 days.

Life Transformation Through Stories Workshop Series.

Each of THREE Live Recorded Workshops will bedelivered to your email inbox over 4 days.

After paying for the Workshops you will receive a confirmation email.
You must click the link in the email to receive your order.

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