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Once Upon A Time in Network Marketing………………..

Once upon a time there was a profession called network marketing (or multi-level-marketing/MLM). There were many who learned well how to succeed in MLM and they taught their team how to succeed as well and thus made money. The basic teachings asserted that most network marketing products be sold through face-to-face contacts and home gatherings. At the beginning of the network marketing industry, about 70 years ago, the ideas was as simple as selling good products person-to-person using word of mouth. If people loved the products, they were taught how to sell them as well. In this way people were able to receive their products for free and make money….sometimes a lot of money.


But over time it became evident that only a small percentage of people were actually making good money. Many were struggling and were not able to succeed with the template they were given. This included: talking to your warm marketing, cold calling, flyers on cars, direct mail, frequent home gatherings, and talking to anyone within 3 feet about the products and the business. The problem was that many were not naturally good at approaching people and so instead of offering real value to those they approached, instead they “sold” often using a prewritten script. Most customers/prospects just hate to be “sold” and so the percentages of successes were small.

Even with these struggles, the network marketng industry grew.Those who had the commitment level and the motivation and really stuck with it, prospered. Those who were promised and expected easy money, did not. Over time people learned what methods and techniques worked and which ones did not. They built on this information and the successful leaders taught success tool to their teams. The tools were a combination of really good marketing techniques along with an in depth understanding of the nature of network marketing and the power of duplication in the creation of a strong MLM organization.

Enter: The Internet…….

How the Internet Changed Network Marketing

Old School Network Marketing using a New Means of Communication

When people first started applying the power of the internet to MLM, they took what had been done for years and just put it online. That is, they created the equivalent of opportunity flyers and posted them as webpages. They used email in the same way that direct mail of postcards had been done in the past. Since spam had not yet entered the radar, it was relatively easy to get hold of a list and email product and opportunity information to everyone on the list. Those who knew how began creating websites where customers and prospects could learn about their company. People visited the websites when they came across the domain address on a business card or a flyer.

Over time the network marketing companies realized that the computer made sign ups and sales much easier. They created corporate websites for their company with links to  product, opportunity, information and enrollment pages. Distributors would be given a replication of this site for their very own and told to use it in their marketing efforts. The replicated URL was put onto business cards, given out at meetings, placed on flyers and emailed to friends, family and aquaintences.

It became obvious fairly quickly that the replicated sites provided good information, but that they would not by themselves facilitate a sale or sign up. Even with the internet, network marketings still was being done as it had been done for the past 70 years. The internet information was an addition to a distributors marketing tools. And still, there were the people who made money and a lot of people who did not.

Along Comes:  Attraction Marketing — The Beginning of the New School of Network Marketing

Some innovative entrepreneurs realized during this time that there must be a better way to do MLM. Through their own struggles in the industry and their unwillingness to give up, they began to explore alternative ways to reach prospects and customers. Based on a lot of research along with trial and error, these attraction marketing pioneers began to discover something very different from what the network marketing old timers had been preaching and teaching.

They went back to an old sales adage, and brought the idea into the new online marketing age. It goes like this:

“Nobody who bought a drill actually wanted a drill. They wanted a hole. Therefore, if you want to sell drills, you should advertise information about making holes – NOT information about drills!” – Perry Marshall

Since the early days of MLM the idea had been that people would be attracted to a product or opportunity based on the merits of that product or opportunity. The distributor was the messenger, not the message. A lot of emphasis was placed on getting the marketing brochures, videos, front of people and letting the tools do the talking. This made it very easy for the trainers who only had to provide scripts, materials and motivation. The problem was that the results were in no way consistent. If the theory was correct and the any distributor could be a messenger for the message contained in the marketing materials, or company phone calls, etc…then in theory the results that people were getting should be similar. But they weren’t. **

The missing piece were the actual people who were supposedly just being the messenger. Here’s where it begins to get interesting. These attraction marketing pioneers began to discover that there was really a different statement that explained why people joined the MLM’s that they did. It was,

“People do not join companies, people join people.”

Hmmmmm. What does that mean?  It means that people will follow and be attracted to those who can teach them HOW to make a hole.  You will become attractive by being helpful and offering great information on making holes. In fact you’ll do much better selling drills if you first sell someone an inexpensive set of instruction on how to make a hole. After you help them with this information, not only will they buy a drill, but they’ll buy it from you because you have Solved Their Problem!

INTERNET Network Marketing Comes of Age

With the “attraction marketing” becoming the new buzz word in the online network marketing arena, many information products began to appear on the scene. From Ann Sieg to Mike Dillard and Mark Wieser, ebooks and videos on the subject of attraction marketing we being seen everywhere.  It was an amazing time, as the old way of thinking about network marketing began to receive a breath of new fresh air. Those who developed the initial (and now classic) Attraction Marketing ebooks began making money on their products sales as well as developing large lead lists for free.

Prior to these teachings you needed to either buy lists of leads or phyically pound the pavement and the phone looking for them. Those who had been in the industry for awhile would take their lists with them from company to company and guard them as if they were gold. Now, along comes a new way of thinking. By understanding what is written in Magnetic Sponsoring or The 7 Lies of Network Marketing, the average network marketer could now begin to generate their own leads automatically using the internet. What a concept. Those who jumped on this bandwagon a few years ago are now some of the top network marketers in the MLM industry. It was really phenomenal.

But what also started happening is that many people got stuck in the implementation phase of the ideas. This form of network marketing required utilizing the computer in a new way. Everyone was now needing to learn how to create a blog, make a Hub page, film a video and form relationships on Twitter and Facebook. The confusion became paralyzing for many. As the information products multiplied, people often found themselves purchasing yet another $29 ebook that they hoped would teach them how to do this type of marketing. But often that ebook remained unread, or became more noise in an already confusing arena.

The smartest people in the field saw this need and turned it into an opportunity. Dillard began coming out with other product which were more “HOW TO” . Mike Klinger exploded onto the scene withtraining system. Renegade hit the nail on the head by offering hundreds of step-by-step videos that would walk a beginner through every aspect of this brave new world. It was like having a private teacher sitting with you at your computer.  This all seemed good until……..

How The Means Became the Ends

As all this was going on, an interesting occurrence began to take place. People who first got involved with online marketing and attraction marketing in order to grow their primary MLM business, began focusing more of their energies on the process of developing their self branding online. Many of the programs that had developed were so wonderful that people soon found themselves making excellent money selling affiliate products to the list that they had nurtured through the online attraction marketing methods. Others began coaching and training, in order to help beginners understand how to use the systems. Many continued working their network marketing businesses as well, but many did not.

New people coming into the training systems, be it Renegade Professional or MLM Lead System Pro, or any of the others, often found themselves confused in a new way. So much time and energy were devoted to the trainings and systems, yet nowhere was it clear how to connect all that effort back into the original idea..which was a new way of creating and maintaining leads and prospects to funnel towards ones primary business opportunity. In some ways, the means to the end had in fact morphed into the end in and of itself.

A question began arising: “I know how to blog now, and I use twitter and facebook and I even write articles and  have developed capture pages which lead into my autoresponder—but now what do I do? I don’t know how to take those leads and bring them in as prospects for my network marketing business. ”

This question or one similar to this has been arising more and more over the past few months. So let’s answer it now and allow people to get on with building their network marketing organizations in a clear, efficient manner, using all the information now at their disposal.

10 Plus MLM Pro Success System

Here are the steps that you need to have in place. All of the wonderful trainings and systems that are available to you, can be used. The goal of blogs, squidoo lenses, hub pages, ezine articles, youtube videos, facebook, twitter, forum posts, etc….is for one purpose…the purpose is to drive traffic to your pages, to meet people, offer useful information to them, and direct them into your marketing funnel. Once in your marketing funnel, you further develop the relationship by providing more value and information. As you lead people through your marketing funnel, the goal is for them to exit the funnel into one of your businesses. Ideally for many it will be that they will join your network marketing opportunity. But if they don’t do that, the funnel needs to offer other options in terms of products and services so that over time, everyone who enters your funnel helps create income for you. There is much be said about the relationship aspect of this business, but please don’t short change yourself and forget that this is business and business is ultimately about making money.

I am not going to use this forum to detail the HOW. There are many, many products and systems available to learn that. I want to focus again on the WHAT, so that when you are finished with this  you will have a plan in place.

1. Start with the end in mind. Know where your marketing funnel is going to lead people. For most, it is to their primary network marketing business.

2. Create your marketing funnel. This requires an autoresponder system at the very least. For this, spend time learning how to write good emails. You can do this by looking for a course, or by opting in to some other people’s funnel and learning from the emails that you receive. If you prefer, you can choose to purchase a monthly membership into one of the many Marketing Systems (contact directly if you have questions about the choices), that make it easy to put this aspect into play.

3. Develop the Theme of your Funnel. If you are leading people to your primary opportunity, how are you going to do this? What are you going to say in your autoresponder emails? Don’t just start writing. Create an outline from beginning to end and then fill it in. Include monetization in other small ways, such as related affiliate products or services. This is the best place to create links to your funded proposals such as Magnetic Sponsoring.

4. Capture the leads to send them to your Marketing Funnel. You must have at least one lead capture box, many marketer have way more than that. These boxes are strategically placed throughout your online self-branding marketing web. It has become common to use funded proposal systems as this lead capture step. Though it makes sense at times to send people directly to your replicated affiliate site, most of time it does not. Better to have people opt-in directly to your system and then offer them other products along the way. This brands you as the expert, rather than giving that leadership spot someone else.

5. Now create your brand–Your “Me, Inc”. This is where you use all those other tools and systems that teach you how to get traffic to your websites and blog pages. If you do this well, people will find their way to the pages that have your lead capture opt-in boxes on them. They will want to put in their information because they love what it is you have to say and they want to hear more. People will opt-in because you are going to TEACH THEM HOW TO MAKE A HOLE!

Of course there are many details to every one of these steps. But the details are out there in numerous forms already. Now you have the 5-Step process that teaches you how to put it all together. These 5-steps form the backbone of any well done internet network marketing system. Take them, make them your own.

10 Plus MLM Pro Success Method

The 10 Plus MLM Pro Success Method will teach you an enlightened manner of bringing people into your organization and using the power of teaching and duplication to grow steadily without getting hooked into all the hype about needing to generate 25- 100 leads per week.  It is called the 10 Plus MLM Pro Success Method because it is focused on the number TEN.

Using all the information that’s just been presented to you, your goal will be to enroll TEN people into your network marketing business. Just TEN. But those TEN have to be of the entrepreneurial mind-set and ready to take action to start making money and to truly change their life. So in reality, you may need to enroll 20, or 50  people  to reach this goal.

Your focus is on teaching your TEN all the information that enabled you to sponsor TEN and help them do the same. In this system you will not need to go out and become a super-charged recruiter. Instead, you will be focusing on quality instead of quantity, and value instead of hype. Using the system you will bring new people into your network marketing business at a rate that enables you to train them to duplicate the process.

To put this in perspective for those who are skeptical about this number TEN,  think about this: Your goal with this system is training and duplication.  You teach TEN how to each sponsor TEN. Now you have 110 people in your organization. In reality, it will be more than that because in reality people will have enrolled more than ten to find their TEN “Go for the Gusto” business builders. Now the duplication continues and you end up minimally with an organization of 110 x 10 = 1100 + 110= 1210 people.

You can keep doing the math yourself. But in my book, I’d much rather leverage my time and energy, sponsoring TEN good people and teaching them the business in order to end up with over 1000 business builders than to enroll all 1000 by myself. I don’t know about your company, but in my primary business 1000 distributors in my downline would yield over $15,000 per month residual income, not even counting product customers. Three generations deep with this system (which you could reasonably expect to accomplish in a year or less) would yield over $180,000 .

What? $50K per year is not enough for you in your first year in business?!! OK, be a real leader and train your third generation to do it again. 1000 x 10 =  10,000. I can only translate that to dollars for my company. It would be $25K per MONTH! Not including product sales which could easily yield $10k – $20K more per MONTH. Now are you happy with the numbers?

More details about putting the 10 Plus MLM Pro Success Method into practice will be coming soon. **

I personally read and respond to every comment. Share your thoughts below.


** I originally wrote this post a number of years ago. Recently someone found it and asked if they could use it on their blog. It was great incentive to go back and update. It’s funny how things change while still staying the same. I removed some links to program that no longer exist and I updated some numbers to be more in keeping with my current situation.

Mostly though I need to talk about the paragraph regarding being a messenger, not the message. At the time I wrote that, I had never encountered a company that could do it that way and do it well. Doing it well meant providing such stellar marketing systems and tools that anyone could indeed have awesome results just by following the system and being the messenger and not the message. As of today (June 2012), that is no longer the case. There is a company that has reached the pinnacle of marketing genius, enabling every day men and women with no marketing, internet or networking backgrounds to make a decent if not substantial income by being the messenger.

I still generate the majority of my leads through attraction marketing. I know that people are still looking for a way to make a hole, not a drill. But now the hole is about them in a much different way, enticing them to opt in to my marketing funnel because the solution I’m offering is simple, profound and mainstream. From there it flows… There is less need now to put as much energy into information product or affiliate product in order to create a list to market to. The pendulum is indeed swinging back again to old school philosophy with a 21 st century twist. With the right company and the right circumstances, network marketing is easier now, than when I wrote this original article.


Deborah Tutnauer

Entrepreneur Business Success Coach at Deborah Tutnauer, LLC
Inspiring change in people for over 25 years, Deborah Tutnauer, MEd, MSWdigs deep to help authentic entrepreneurs move away from the stories that no longer serve them while clarifying and solidifying those that really do! Deborah helps frustrated entrepreneurs get exquisitely clear about meaning, purpose and expertise, then facilitates the creation of a financially sustainable and joyfully structured framework in which business and business people thrive.

Coaching both privately and in groups, Deborah is also a speaker, author, event leader and consultant. Creator of the Foundation and Framework Intensive, Question Master and Leader of the Entrepreneur Business Success Club, Deborah has been called an “Architect of Magical Business and Soul Structure”by her clients because she has a powerful ability to perform alchemy, changing passions and dreams into money and time by design.

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