Grateful Beginning to 2015

Best to begin and end and begin again with gratefulness.

I began this article a few weeks ago, timing it for completion during the holiday season. As I wrote it my heart kept swelling. Each moment of grateful expression of a new person who touched me this year, begot another person and so it went. Now we are at the very beginning of a new year – an ideal time to share the love and the grace of my these wonderful people who made a difference in my world in 2014.

Most of the people who have impacted me in 2014 were new relationships this year. I often write about following your path as it unfolds before you. In December of 2013 I had no inkling of the year that has presented itself. The journey as an Entrepreneur Success Coach has continued, yet the roads I traveled were ones that were not even on my map just 12 months ago.


I must begin by thanking Adrienne Smith. I’m not sure how I stumbled upon Adrienne’s blog. I knew in early summer that my love of writing needed a boost of interaction and community and I went searching. Somehow I met Adrienne and was instantly taken with the blog community she had surrounding her. I’ve had a blog since I entered the direct sales/online marketing world. But no one I’ve ever known in that world had the sheer volume and quality of interaction that was happening on Adrienne’s blog. I just had to meet her and learn from her. Just two days after opting in to be a subscriber for her emails, Adrienne phoned me. We had a delightful talk which sowed the seeds of a lovely friendship unfolding. Everything that Adrienne has taught me in the past 6 months, she has compiled in a simple, easy to follow blogging course. Just following along with her teachings will yield you amazing results if you too want to build relationships online.

I’m excited to share that I will be a guest blogger on in April 2015!  I thank Adrienne from the bottom of my heart for her friendship and for this opportunity.

best-blogger-adrienne-smithTweet Love for Adrienne – click Here

Seeing myself as a blogger was not my perception. Yes, I blog. But it’s been a place to share my thoughts and my products as a means to growing my coaching business. I did not even imagine considering myself a “blogger” until this summer after meeting Adrienne. I had no idea of the power inherent in blog commenting and community building. In just 6 short months, due to trusting in writing as crucial part of my path, I have met most of the people I talk about in this article.

Because of the shift in my writing focus, two unique and special speaking engagements were offered to me, based on articles I wrote. I’ll be speaking in March 2015 at two Universities, for their Entrepreneur program. At Westminster College in Utah, I am the kick-off speaker for a 3 day event! Launch and Hustle brought me in as a regular monthly contributor to their Entrepreneur Blog. Three well known bloggers have offered a guest blogging spot, which will put me on the radar of thousands of readers.

I am an outside the box thinker. My clients don’t call me a Question Master for nothing. My newest corporate client is a jewelry creator. He asked a question regarding social media marketing, on a forum. Everyone who answered the question before me, pitched their services. I took a look at his website and felt they had all missed the most important point. So I began asking him questions in the forum thread. His eyes were opened by my questions to the fact that more hits on his website were irrelevant unless his website intimately spoke to his potential clients. He has beautiful jewelry, yet his site does not yet talk directly to the emotions of those who come to buy. He asked to work with me. All because I choose to ask questions and…

This is what I love about James Altucher. I recently found James’ blog and could not believe I had never crossed paths with this man before. James writes with such raw realness that I was magnetically pulled into his writing. Online many put on a face for the camera. James does not. My attraction to his writing is it’s pureness of thought and intention. There are no games being played – no ulterior motive. James writing moved me deeply to become more aware of my day to day actions and how I spend my time and my energy which is why he is on my list of people to thank. I hope you take the time to visit James blog and experience it for yourself.

I continue with my love of outside the box thinking!

I met Joey Giangola at a Google Hangout in Real Time last January in San Diego. Joey is an insurance agent working in Ohio in his family’s insurance agency. It could be a very boring and complacent life. But here is where Joey touched me. His mind is so creative that he is bringing astoundingly outside the box thinking into his world and even into his work as an insurance agent. Joey hosts a Google Hangout called Fearlessly Questioning. If you are open to being challenged in your thinking, tune in. I have the honor of being Joey’s guest on January 22, 2015. We’ll be Fearlessly Questioning Hating Money. Hang on to your hat!

Joey could have just followed the mundane insurance broker path, but instead he is boldly designing new ways to meet his clients, inform his public and dive into his own curiosity about people and the world. Joey as an outside the box thinker and doer has inspired me every time I read his emails or watch his shows.

Centering is crucial to my work. I’m asking my clients to connect with their deepest selves -to look inside while structuring their entrepreneurial venture on the outside. In order to guide my clients, I too must turn inward regularly and connect with my own true north. As I set my own intentions for meditation and introspection, and remain committed to the, as become better and assisting my clients in doing the same.

David Frank Gomes is a coach from Vancouver, Canada who I met this year on LinkedIn and had the pleasure of also speaking with by phone. David calls himself a Relentless Idealist. His articles on LinkedIn are consistently focused on mindfulness and conscious living in business and leadership. Each time I read his writings I am compelled to reconnect with my own center and remember to live the mindfulness that I too write and speak of. I recommend you take a moment to connect with David – read his articles – engage in the thought expanding conversations he triggers.

david-frank-gomes-life-coachingTweet David Frank Gomes Life Coaching

In this world of entrepreneur and solopreneur coaching we walk alone amidst many. It is a vast sea of business coaches approaching the field from so many angles. My work is unique in that I began with 20 years of psychotherapy experience. I know better than many, how entrenched are our stories, our filters, our perceptions.  Clients arrive at my proverbial door because they are not making the money they want, or they are struggling to create time by design, or they have spent money and time on trainings and coaching programs and they are still not in the flow of joy and financial success. We often begin with questions they have never pondered before. Our work is entwined with opening internal windows and doors, while simultaneously constructing a financial sustainable business structure with spot on marketing communication.

I met Don Purdum only a few months ago, yet we immediately found a kindred connection in how we view marketing, relationships and business. One of the many things that impresses about Don is how deeply human he is, yet he works his entrepreneurial business with machine-like consistency and efficiency. Don’s blog is always updated and each post is a value-laden lengthy discourse on the topic of business marketing. Don truly makes his readers think – by asking questions requiring that they go deeper into their own business definition and function.

Don and I often write about similar topics from similar perspectives, yet our discourse is stimulating to both of us and to those who follow our comment threads. I see Don as a beacon to follow for those wanting to do authentic business and be crystal clear about their product, their customer and their marketing. Don’s specialty is helping offline small business clarify what they bring to their customers and then bring their marketing online with excellent, action oriented messaging!

don-purdum-business-coachDon Purdum Rocking Awesome Business Coaching – Tweet Now

The internet is huge. We are but a speck in an infinite amount of information and people all vying for attention. This article is really about relationships, for even in this vast sea it is the formation of community which fuels success, connection and happiness.

Sylviane Nuccio is a new blogger friend who I only connected with at the tail end of 2014. Though I don’t know her as well as the other people I am grateful for in this article, I was deeply touched by our initial interaction for two reasons. Sylviane just re-created her blog by combining her three diverse loves (writing, travel and coaching) into one website. In a recent blog post discussing her rebranding she shared the decision, the creativity and the courage it took to create her site in a manner different than most would do and at the same time, perfect for her. I was impressed by that and also how well the three areas actually blend together on her new blog site.

I reached out to Sylviane with a comment on her blog and she replied. What then surprised me though , is that she mentioned me a few days later in a blog post about people who had impacted her. I was in the category of new friends. I was so touched that she would do that based on a few short interactions and a new connection. Sylviane is a woman I’m excited to learn more about, and spend time developing a relationship with. It is obvious from her writings and her actions, that she truly values people. Take time to meet her!

Coaches coach. Bloggers blog. Marketers market. Direct sellers sell. Yoga teachers teach yoga.  The challenge for coaches and other solopreneurs or small business people with products or services, is that their highest skill is their craft and talent and usually marketing their craft and talent must be learned secondarily. Thus many are wonderful at their THING, yet stuck with the marketing, advertising and selling of their thing. Technology often stumps and trips people up, even when conceptually all makes sense. This is why top people always surround themselves with teachers, mentors and coaches to assist with all facets of their business.

This blogging journey had put me in contact with people all over the world. I’ve been particularly impressed with the technological skills of Enstine Muki. Enstine lives in Africa and is  a dynamo when it comes to creating powerful WordPress plugins himself, and sharing great ones developed by others, complete with explanations that actually make sense!  There is so much information and so many tools that Enstine offers on his blog, you could literally be there for days constructing a deeper understanding of the inner workings of blogging. It’s been so fun for me to get to know Enstine through his blog and through our Facebook chats. He is another Go-Giver who loves to highlight other bloggers who bring value to their writing and create meaningful experiences for their readers.

I’m honored to tell you that I am a guest blogger on Enstine’s Blog!! My article is slated to appear in the first part of January. It’s already in Enstine’s hands and he deemed it “great content”. I’ll notify my subscribers when it posts, but I suggest you hop over the Enstine’s blog and subscribe to him too. Everything he writes is worth checking out!

entine-muki-bloggingLearn about blogging for dollars from Enstine Muki! Tweet Now

As a coach, I too must surround myself with people who inspire me! There is the heart part of my work and the branding/marketing part too. In both I help my clients get clear and be authentic. I believe that authentic business is an outgrowth of staying in touch with the inner current of one’s life, dreams, passions and values. Branding is the external presentation of the same plus an intimate understanding of one’s unique avatar(s).

I have “known” Jennifer Louden through her books and other writings for a number of years. This year I made it a point to follow her more closely and I’m so glad that I did. Jennifer is the bestselling author of the well known book, The Women’s Comfort Book: A Self-Nurturing Guide for Restoring Balance in Your Life. She has 5 other books, is a speaker, blogger, writer, retreat leader. When I read Jennifer’s writings I feel like she is next to me, speaking to me. Her words are funny and peaceful. They comfort and touch. Jennifer is an entrepreneur who shines for me as someone to emulate and learn from. Hers is a beautiful example of a successful entrepreneurial business constructed from the heart.

Last year I  was invited to watch a live interview series that Jen facilitated called The Shero’s School for Revolutionaries. A colleague and neighbor of mine was one of those Jen interviewed. I didn’t realize at the time that this woman (who is a powerful mentor in my daughter’s life) was also a mentor for Jen. In fact, Jen worked on one of her early books in an old cabin where my child often sits( 20+ years later) with this very same mentor. It’s a special feeling circle for me and one that compels me to mention Jennifer Louden in this article about people I am grateful to know and learn from.


jennifer-louden-comfort-bookTweet now to share comfort and Joy with Jen Louden

Blogging from Paradise is a blog that is as true to its title as any I’ve come across. What I love about Ryan Biddulph is that he is so very much who he is. Reading Ryan’s blog is like walking into a favorite homemade ice cream shop. Each time you enter, you already know the quality and delicious flavor of the ice cream you’ll receive. Yet every visit you can try a new wonderful homemade taste that is unique and delicious and still true to the brand!

Ryan’s blog is a similar experience, which is why the advice about blogging that he shares in posts and E-Books is so important for all bloggers to learn from. It is what I love about knowing Ryan and Blogging from Paradise. His consistency has made a huge impression on me and has helped inform my own branding decision. I hope you learn from him too!

At the base of it all, is friendship. Whether business colleagues, online mentors, personal coaches, or any of a number of relationship definitions, in the end we are all just humans driven to connect our true essence with that of anothers.

Three years ago I rented my house to a family. It was a unique situation in that we were only leaving temporarily and leaving all of our furniture and belongings in the house. When I met Dina Ferrante I had an intuitive sense that only would she be the ideal renter for our home, but that one day would be friends too.

Lately I have been assisting Dina with her marketing and she has been blessing me with private yoga classes. I am so thankful for the care with which she adjusts and positions my body as we move through poses. Dina has a deep commitment to grow her business, embodying life coaching and yoga, and though she doesn’t always believe it, she is walking her talk. It is her striving and passion that have compelled me to include her in my compilation of people I am particularly grateful for. In fact, she is so good at what she does, that we are doing a yoga and business weekend retreat together in 2015. Watch for it!

Sharing this list with you is just so exciting to me… and to be honest, I had to find a stopping point though their are others that made such an impact on my in 2014. They will be the stars of another article. For now, I hope you take a moment to share with us a person who has touched your heart this past year, in the comments below! And of course, post this to your favorite social media hangout so my friends get some awesome exposure and click love!!


Deborah Tutnauer

Entrepreneur Business Success Coach at Deborah Tutnauer, LLC
Inspiring change in people for over 25 years, Deborah Tutnauer, MEd, MSWdigs deep to help authentic entrepreneurs move away from the stories that no longer serve them while clarifying and solidifying those that really do! Deborah helps frustrated entrepreneurs get exquisitely clear about meaning, purpose and expertise, then facilitates the creation of a financially sustainable and joyfully structured framework in which business and business people thrive.

Coaching both privately and in groups, Deborah is also a speaker, author, event leader and consultant. Creator of the Foundation and Framework Intensive, Question Master and Leader of the Entrepreneur Business Success Club, Deborah has been called an “Architect of Magical Business and Soul Structure”by her clients because she has a powerful ability to perform alchemy, changing passions and dreams into money and time by design.

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  1. says

    Hey Deborah,

    Thanks for the kind words and inclusion in such a fantastic list of people. I can safely say this is the first time my name has been mentioned anywhere near James Altucher’s, which is just fine with me.

    I can’t wait to throw some fearless questions your way and see what else is in store for our similarly position boxes we like to think outside of.
    Joey Giangola recently posted…Fearlessly Questioning Successful Habits 23.3 with Joe PulizziMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Joey!!

      Isn’t James Altucher just amazing? I only “discovered” him in the past few months, and yet his is one of the few things in my inbox I read consistently. Glad being “near” him on a blog post made you happy!! LOL.

      We are indeed going to have some fun with our Fearlessly Questioning topic. I’m already compiling a list of ways to go with our question!

      Deborah Tutnauer recently posted…Importance of Authenticity for Entrepreneurs in BusinessMy Profile

  2. says


    Deborah, this is a beautiful way kick-start the new year ;)

    Last year was really fun. I’m happy I connected with you and our relationship has been growing. This year has a lot more beautiful things in package and we just have to move into it.

    I’m happy I’m starting the year with you as my first featured blogger. The content is real meat and I’m sure my readers will enjoy meeting you.

    Beautiful friends you have here on the list. I’ll grab this opportunity to connect with some of them ;)

    There are surely better days ahead dear friend so let’s keep moving.

    Happy New Year to you, friends and family ;)
    Enstine Muki recently posted…December 2014 Report – Income, 188 authors, 528 Comments!My Profile

    • says

      First featured blogger of the year on your website Enstine, is an honor!

      I’m glad we waited until after Christmas. This makes much more sense.
      It has been a great end of 2014, and certainly meeting you and all the other wonderful bloggers is a fantastic launching place for 2015 to shine brightly!

      I look forward to our growing relationship and sharing your expertise with my community!

      Deborah Tutnauer recently posted…Importance of Authenticity for Entrepreneurs in BusinessMy Profile

  3. says

    Hi Deborah,

    I’m very touched by your mention of me here.

    I’ve been without a computer for like a week and half, except for my little tablet, but that’s not the same thing, though. What happened is that my computer was killed :) by a simple power outage in the afternoon of Christmas Eve. Only a year and half computer :(

    When they told me that it wasn’t worth fixing it price-wise, I decided that it was time for me to get a lap top since I will need one to leave the country later this year.

    So, anyways, I’m back on track, and I have the intention to fill out that form of your on your blog, by the way. Just got stopped in my track.

    How nice and creative way to honor some great bloggers that I have the pleasure to know as well.

    Have a very happy new year and to get to know you much more over the course of the year 2015!
    Sylviane Nuccio recently posted…7 Blogging Gift-Lessons LearnedMy Profile

    • says

      Happy New Year Sylviane!
      I’m glad you are back on track with your computer. It is quite frustrating when they break for ordinary people, and 100 times more so when online marketers end up without a working computer!

      If I may suggest – and I don’t always take my own advice on this either – always plug in to a surge protector. It is the electric surge when the power went out that fried your computer! I try to remember to do this, but often I’m moving around the house and I forget! Your experience will serve as a reminder to me!

      Looking forward to following your travels in the upcoming year and getting to know you better!

      Deborah Tutnauer recently posted…Importance of Authenticity for Entrepreneurs in BusinessMy Profile

  4. says

    Hey Deborah,

    Wow thank you so much for this mention and as I said over on Facebook, I think I’m the one that’s the most excited about our connection.

    I love blogging because of how much you’re able to help others who are in need of the information you share and the people you get to meet along the way. As you very well know, networking is the best way to spread out and meet people who could potentially help us whether it’s today or in the future.

    Having met you helped open my eyes to some areas I needed to work on as well and having that friendly conversation we did was so inspiring to me. I can tell where your heart is so of course whenever I cross someone I know who is in need of your expertise I’m going to send them your way because I know you’re honest, you really care about people and you’re eager to help. It doesn’t hurt that some of those people can become clients or customers either and that in itself can help you and your business grow.

    You’ve got a great list here and some of these amazing people I’m fortunate to know as well. I know that more is to come for us all this year and I’m eager to watch everyone’s blogs and businesses just explode.

    Thank you again Deborah and I’m so honored to have met you. Happy New Year young lady.

    Adrienne recently posted…Saying Goodbye to 2014 EarlyMy Profile

    • says

      Isn’t wonderful Adrienne, how it’s worked out!
      I feel a great year coming up in so many ways and I’m thrilled that our friendship and mutual commitment to helping others is part of it!

      My love of blogging has expanded so much because of you. I “get it” now, beyond just a means to an end.
      As for “young lady”.. You make me smile, as I believe we are quite close in age!! LOL!

      Blessings for a wonderful year my friend.
      Deborah Tutnauer recently posted…Importance of Authenticity for Entrepreneurs in BusinessMy Profile

  5. says

    Deborah what a list! And thanks for including me on the list!

    So many awesome folks here and I enjoyed deeply your delivery/presentation style.

    Speaking about each person and then explaining the lessons you have learned – and that we are learning – was such a fun and enlighthening approach to your gratitude-infused blog post.

    I feel grateful to have connected with you ;)

    I look so forward to the magic that you’ll be creating this year.

    Congrats on your TWO speaking engagements! Awesomeness.

    Keep up the great play!

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…Review of How to Publish 10 eBooks in 4 MonthsMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Ryan!!

      The first full week of 2015 has been such a whirlwind I’m only now getting back to your comment. Thank you for your patience. Here it is and here I am!

      As I spoke about, I too feel grateful to have connected with you! You stand tall in your branding and authenticity and I just LOVE that! I also love to travel and thus derive an armchair experience of places far and wide whenever I read your blog.

      As the year unfolds I look forward to vicariously joining you on your adventures! I’m sure we will continue to interact as well as entrepreneurs, bloggers and coaches!

      Enjoy Ryan!
      Deborah Tutnauer recently posted…Can I Afford a Business CoachMy Profile

  6. says

    Hi Deborah,

    I am so grateful we met several months ago through the comments on Adrienne’s site. You are an incredible blessing to me and it’s such an honor to have met you and get to know you.

    I will never forget when you reached out to me. It was a really awesome moment for me and it was so encouraging.

    I don’t know many of the folks on your list and I look forward to connecting with each one.

    I can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store for us. It’s going to be an extremely exciting year!!!!

    I’m looking forward to doing some networking and fun things alongside you this year. Let’s rock this!!!

    Happy New Year!!!!

    ~ Don Purdum
    Don Purdum recently posted…How My Marketing Strategies in 2014 Positioned Me For Explosive Growth in 2015My Profile

    • says

      Hi Don!!

      I too am so grateful we connected. We have some big plans already for 2015 including a podcast interview and a guest post of mine on your wonderful blog.(Guess I’d better get writing!!!)

      I love that blog commenting done right is essentially meaningful networking using the tool of the internet. We meet, get to know each other and then introduce our new friends to others we value. It is how community develops offline as well.

      As always Don, Thanks for your comment. I look forward to the things we will do together this year and of course supporting each other as good friends do.

      Deborah Tutnauer recently posted…Can I Afford a Business CoachMy Profile

  7. says

    Hi, Deborah,

    Your grateful beginning is a wonderful recount of the exciting things going on in your life. Sharing a message of gratitude is so encouraging to others, so I’m super happy you’ve shared these events, past and future.

    Isn’t it great that we can express anything we choose on our sites? For me, I’ve recently made a move to Florida, and shared that with my readers. (Thanks for your comment). After all, there is a person behind the business, right? I just love new beginnings too and enjoyed reading about your experiences. What a blessing that you’ve connected with these amazing people – it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

    I look forward to your guest article on Adrienne’s blog, that’s for sure. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Deborah.

    Take Care,
    – Carol :-)
    Carol Amato recently posted…WP Curve Offers the Best WordPress HelpMy Profile

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